Self Catering Cottage vs. Hotel Stay – Which One Is The Best?

Every year during summer, we plan to go for a relaxing holiday away from our daily life. The planning starts with deciding the location, accommodation and cost. We all like to go to a beautiful place with a beach to relax and people to take care of all your needs at all time. Even though it sounds like a great holiday plan, not all of us are capable to afford these holiday plans.


Budget remains the most important factor that changes the entire holiday plan we had in our minds. Many people are now considering taking a vacation in the UK.

UK has now become one of the most preferred holiday destinations for people who plan their holidays with their budget in minds. You can rent holiday cottages in Padstow to stay in while you enjoy your holidays in London. The only difference between a cottage and a well serviced hotel is that, in a cottage you just get a place to stay without any helpers around to take care of your needs.

Here are some of the main advantages of choosing self catering cottages over hotels. Some of them are:

  • Privacy¬†

Couples who are looking for absolute privacy during their holidays should definitely choose to stay in holiday cottages in Padstow. With no one around you to offer their services 24*7 you are all alone have 100% privacy.

  • Space¬†

In a cottage stay, you have a whole house to yourself.

Cottage stay is fun with your partner and with your friends and dear ones.

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